Free Roosters, Austin Texas *LOTSA PICS!*


11 Years
May 19, 2008
Cedar Creek, TX
Hey guys, I have way too many roos for my little flock and need to get rid of some. I have them up for sale on craigslist but I'm willing to give them away here because I know they will get a good home. These were all hatched this Spring and are non-aggressive sweeties, I just have TOO MANY!

Here's what I have;

4 Silkie roos, 2 white and 2 partridge
1 Dark Brahma Bantam
1 Red Cochin Bantam
2 Silver Sebright Bantams

Take one or all! They are currently staying at my parents' place in San Marcos, but I would be willing to meet someone halfway if necessary. I don't know how to ship so it has to be someone local. Here are a few pics:







Really? Nobody wants these guys even for free?

Does anyone at least have some other advice on how I can re-home these guys? They are driving us and the hens to distraction with all of the crowing and mating. There are just too darn many of them! Argh!

I wish they were at least edible breeds so I could introduce them to a pot of dumplings. I guess the cochin, the sebrights, and the brahma are technically edible, but they are kinda too small to make it worth the effort of all that plucking!

Plus I would hate to kill Nugget (red cochin) as he is so gorgeous!

Yes, I know silkies are edible, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of eating black colored meat. It's just too weird.

FYI, these are all non-aggressive roos (other than trying to mount ever hen in sight) and are healthy. I've had them since they were chicks and none have ever had any health issues whatsoever. This is the first year I have owned chickens, so they've been on 'virgin' ground so to speak (no exposure to possible infection from previous occupants in other words). They were raised on medicated starter and then switched to Purina Flock raiser just recently.

Oh, and while I would prefer they go to good pet homes I am willing to give them away (or maybe trade?) to someone who wants them for food as long as I know they will be killed humanely and not fed alive to someone's pet snake or whatever. Not that I think anyone on here would do that, but I've heard stories about what happens to free pets on craigslist!
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Aww I'd come get them in a second! I live in north Texas by DFW. You live near Austin?
Do you ever come up this way?
I had to do a double take on your partride silkie. That single comb really stands out.

Nice birds, I especially like those sebrights! Good luck rehoming them.

For the time being I live just NW of Austin in Leander, TX. The roos are currently staying with my parents in San Marcos which is just N of San Antonio, but I can bring them up to my house (and maybe a bit further North) for anyone to the north of austin.

At the end of this month we are moving southward to the Bastrop area to our new house on 5 acres (Yay! lotsa room for chickens!).
Yeah the big partridge one is a couple of weeks to a month older than the others and he is just a big crazy looking guy. His comb is HUGE.

All of these are obviously pet quality, no show birds in this bunch. All except the silkies came from hatchery stock, the silkies were from a local breeder. Both partridge silkies have the dreaded single comb (though the white ones have the correct combs) and the sebrights also have the wrong comb.

The sebright combs were a little upsetting to me since I ordered these from MPC and was expecting a reasonable representation of the breed. The lacing turned out right but those combs are W-R-O-N-G. The gold sebrights I ordered at the same time at least showed up with the correct combs, though one is gold with little black hearts all over instead of being gold laced. I call her 'sweetheart.'

But so far I'm not into the showing or breeding side of things so the most important criteria for me was personality and health. These guys are all healthy as can be and I can grab any of them for a snuggle (though the sebrights are pretty scandalized about it) and turn my back on them without any fear of getting flogged so I'm pretty happy with them. The only problem is their pesky rooster-ness!

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