FREE Roosters, bantam cochin frizzles Texas, pick up only!


11 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Conroe, Texas

This is the prettiest. I don't know what he "is" exactly but he is just too pretty to end up a chicken dinner- save this bird!!!


Another pic of pretty boy. He is so sweet too!!!


That is Annabelle on the left, our favorite and most likely to keep. He is bantam cochin and does not have any frizzle feathering. The two fluffies are frizzles, also bantam cochin- just really gorgeous guys.


Another image of Annabelle, so gorgeous!


This was them in May, when I thought that at least 2 or 3 of them would lay me cute little eggs someday. It was not to be- out of 8 eggs, 6 hatched, 1 met an untimely death and the 5 remaining chicks have were ALL ROOSTERS!!

Can you give one, or two or ALL of them a good home - I will meet you anywhere in the Houston area and can possibly meet up in the Austin area in a week or so.

If you want to toss a pullet my way I won't mind!!
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looks like your pretty white and black boy could be a columbian! he is gorgeous! i wish i could take him but alas i cannot have any more roos and i am no where near you!
Thanks for the comment Chickie Momma. Isn't his feathering coloration pretty!!! We are probably going to keep him and the Red one and process the 3 remaining frizzles this week.

We watched several you tube videos today of butchering/processing roosters and are getting ready to do the deed.......It will be our first time!

(PM me quick if you are in Houston/ South East Texas area and desire a beautiful bantam cochin frizzle cockeral!)
I attended a "Processing Day" with my hubby back in July... we processed the 14 extra roos that we couldn't find homes for. It was no where near as scary as I'd feared it would be. You can do it!
Thanks for the confidence boost, Hipeatall!

I know as a self respecting chicken owner I have to face this challenge!

we've been getting the kids ready for this over the last few weeks, since I started suspecting that ALL of our chicks were turning into roosters. So, we mention it a lot, to kind of prepare them for what will happen. Yesterday, as we were petting the kitten, my 3 yr old asked, "mommy are we going to slaughter the kitten?"

hmmmmm... maybe I've been talking up slaughtering animals a little much!!!!

Sorry- I am just not up to shipping chickens at this point in my life, Tamie.
I sure wish you were closer! Thank you so much for your interest!


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