Free Roosters -Black and Whtie Giants, EEs, Brahma, Orpington, Rocks

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    Hi Folks:

    Just like most of you... I love chickens. The only (well, maybe not 'only') problem I have is I now have too many Roosters.
    I would like to find new homes for some of my Roosters. I live in Nebraska (Grand Island/Hastings Area).
    They are free for anyone who can provide a home for them.

    There are several kinds:

    x1 White Giant ("Mr. Roo") - 15 months old
    x1 Black Giant ("Big Red") - 15 months old
    x2 Easter Eggers - One is 15 months old (named "Pretty Boy") , the other is about 5 months old.
    x1 Buff Orpington ("The Impostor") - 15 months old.
    x1 Light Brahma ("Fur Feet") - 15 months old.
    x1 Rhode Island Red mix (mixed with Black Giant - all black, big comb). - Born last October.
    x1 Black Star Mix (mixed I think with a light Brahma. Has the coloration of a Black star but has a rose comb). Born last October
    x1 Barred Rock (5 months old)

    I have pictures at: "" and I can send pics to anyone interested.

    P.S. The Roo's are free to rehome. I had to put a price into the "buy it box" so ignore the $1.00)
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