Free roosters! (Black Copper Marans, Orpingtons, Ameraucanas)


9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
I got complain about my roosters from neighbor. I want to send them to good homes. They were free ranged chickens and I fed only high quality food. Please see below for breeds.

1) great lines of black copper marans (W. Jean, Presley, Davis). They were hatched from very dark eggs. Currently ages 3 months old - 6 months old
2) Blue/black/splash Orpingtons, excellent English bloodlines. They were hatched from Bamachicken and Justuschickens54 eggs. I really hate to send these boys, they are so gentle, calm and quiet. I am keeping only 1 rooster and find good homes for others
3) true Ameraucanas. I have one black and one blue. They are from SQ parents and everything is right for breed standard.
4) bantam lavender Ameraucanas. They are John Blehm line. I have two.

I am located in Howard county, MD and prefer pick-up.
Please feel free to send me PM if you have any questions.
Dang, I wish you were closer (Eastern Shore). My friend wants an Americauna Roo. Darn. She has the hens but no Roo.
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