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    Jan 9, 2009
    By the Chesapeake Bay
    Hi All -

    I still have the following roosters/cockerels available FREE - I'll even meet you halfway if its within reasonable driving distance, and if you can assure me they're going to a good home! Sorry, no shipping...

    Silkie - dark grey (or dark silver partridge), non-bearded, 1 year old
    Silkie - blue w/silver hackles, bearded, 1 year old
    Silkie - calico, non-bearded, 4 months old
    Cochin - bantam red, 2 months old
    2 Wyandottes - white columbian, single combs, 2 months old

    Thanks for looking - PM me or email me directly if you're interested!

    Here are some pics (will try to post one of bantam red cochin and calico silkie soon!):




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