FREE Roosters - Naked Neck Cornish, Silver Spangled Cross, 1 Silver Campigne, 1 Mille Fleur D'ccle -


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012
I've got some free roosters, mostly weird crosses. I don't mind if your planning on eating them, but no cockfighting (illegal) or anything like that.

So, if your a normal, nice chicken lover (eating or otherwise) and live near San Mateo County in California, I have these:

Some Showgirl/Cornish Crosses - They look like Naked-Necked Cornish with normal feathers and extra toes
2 Showgirl/Something Crosses - They're white with beards, normal feathers, and extra toes
2 Showgirl/Silver Spangled Hamburg Crosses - They have Polk-A-Dot chests, with black/gray lacing, normal feathers and extra toes
1 Mille Fleur D'Uccle Rooster
1 Silver Campigne Roostser

They're all Bantams, and they only attack you sometimes. They get handled every day, and don't jump up and spur you. The worst they've ever done is run up and pecked me in the foot, which is actually kind of cute since they're so small.

I do warn you, they're roosters, so they will fight any other rooster they don't know.

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