FREE roosters: Split blk Orps, OE's, Crele OEGB's, Serama, Marans

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    I have oodles of roosters that need to go. Free to BYC'ers before they go in the freezer.

    7 cuckoo Olive Eggers (split for lavender). 1 is 18 wks, the rest are 8 & 9 wks old. Some have pea combs, some single comb most have beards and muffs.

    2 Black Split Orp's (9 & 10 wks old). Cross of my project lavender Orp's over my black English style Orps.

    1 pure Black English style Orpington 11 wks old. Dad is 100% English, mom I think were 50% English. This will be one BIG gorgeous dude.
    He's in the photo above with the splits. I have him banded to tell him apart.

    3 French Marans, 2 splash, 1 black. 9 wks old. Pen these were hatched from had mostly BBS solid color birds, with one Black Copper hen. So some copper could show up on these as they mature. Gorgeous foot feathering. From Cree lines. Super dark eggs.

    2 Crele OEGB's. 11 wks old.

    2 Serama roosters. 11 wks old. Mostly black in color w/ willow legs.

    Take one or all!!!

    First come, first serve. Local pick up only, will not ship.
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