Free Roosters!!!!!!!!!!!!


11 Years
Feb 12, 2008
Abbeville, LA
Here's a funny story. Well, it is for me anyway! I order all my chics from Ideal. Well, I lost a few on the first batch and called Ideal to replace them. They sent me five times the amount of chics I had asked to replace. So I was all excited thinking I have at least a few pullets in the bunch. WRONG! I had 3 pullets and 13 roosters! About 10 are Dominigue's and 3 are Delaware's. If you live in or near South Louisiana and would like them, they are yours. I can even help you on delivery if you don't live far away. Now, you can't beat that!!! To end the story, I had to buy me 10 more Dominique pullets since I had adjusted to keeping so many chickens. I think I am up to a little over 60 birds! Have a nice day!

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