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    I hatched seven india runner ducks last year- four drakes and three ducks. I would like to rehome at least two or three of the drakes (or all four).
    These are not hatchery ducks. I got the fertile eggs from a rancher in texas. They are lovely mixed colors, all different. They all stand upright at just the right lean. The are purebred and very nice ducks. Maybe you have breeding stock and would like some fresh blood?
    I am near fort bragg. I can deliver meet you as far away as ukiah or so... I am happy to send pictures, and you may have any or all four of them.
    I am about to get a few more runner females from a hatchery. I have a small scale chicken and duck eggs business and I just do not need so many drakes.

    If you are not familiar with India Runner Ducks- they stand upright, like animated bowling pins. They do not waddle or walk- they run everywhere- they are a crack up!
    They cannot fly, they act like they are going to but they go about two feet with an altitude of about 18 inches. They like water for bathing, but do not live on the water. They forage well, and also enjoy scratch. They quack that quiet drake quack when running around. They are human friendly, but do not like to be handled or touched.

    Please email or call with questions or interest!
    707 962 0297
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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Wish I was closer, sounds like they are fun! [​IMG]
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    I found a great home for them, on a big vinyard with a large pond!!!

    They were being so rough on my females- i had one with a bloody back and neck who would not come out from hiding all day- and worse- would not go to bed at night. So that was the last straw for them!


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