FREE! salmon Faverolle rooster - So. California

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    Nov 25, 2007
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    We are looking at rehoming our 15-month-old Faverolle rooster. He is really sweet, but we unfortunately need to down-size our flock. The picture of from last fall. He looks a bit ragged right now due to bad feather picking from a previous rooster breaking his feathers when he would chase the Faverolle roo away from the girls. We got rid of the other rooster (the other rooster attacked my husband and went after two kids!), but the Faverolle roo won't get his beautiful feathers back until he molts this coming fall/winter. He is hatchery stock. We will give him away for free as long as we are assured he will have a good home. We don't want him to be dinner as he is sweet and does his job well. (If we wanted him butchered, we'd do it ourselves!).

    We won't ship him. Pick-up or we can meet someone (if reasonable distance).

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