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    Nov 25, 2007
    High Desert, CA
    We are looking at rehoming our 15-month-old Faverolle rooster and are considering sending the two Faverolle hens (same age) with him (since they do make a great breeding trio). However, the hens don't have to go if someone only wants the roo. He is really sweet, but we unfortunately need to down-size our flock. Both hens do go broody and are great mothers. The picture of from last fall. He looks a bit ragged right now due to bad feather picking from a previous rooster breaking his feathers when he would chase the Faverolle roo away from the girls. We got rid of the other rooster (the other rooster attacked my husband and went after two kids!), but the Faverolle roo won't get his beautiful feathers back until he molts this coming fall/winter. They are hatchery stock, but still beautiful. We will give them away for free as long as we are assured they will have a good home. We don't want him to be dinner as he is sweet and does his job well. (If we wanted him butchered, we'd do it ourselves!).

    We have other hens as well (also same age - see the signature on my posts for breeds) if someone is wanting other birds to add to their flock (including other broodies).

    We won't ship the birds. Pick-up or we can meet someone (if reasonable distance).
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  2. BarkerChickens

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    Nov 25, 2007
    High Desert, CA
    No one? He is such a good roo though. We just need to down-size our flock for financial reasons and since he doesn't lay eggs, he is one less mouth we'd have to feed. He is a wonderful roo for a flock (and keeps up with hens!). We have 28 hens and 7 of them hatched recently (he is our only roo and we only used our own eggs) and we had a great hatch rate (don't remember what we started with, but it was something like 80%). Before someone thinks that we are hatching more, but say that I am down-sizing, the eggs were hatched for DHs cousin (he is taking the girls and we are butchering the males for meat). We just love this roo and would like him to be able to go to a good home where he can care for another flock.
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    Wish you lived closer! [​IMG] I am in Michigan and would love your SF's. I have 4 juveniles (3 months old) and have lost so many trying to incubate purchased eggs through the mail. Either they don't hatch or they hatch and then die [​IMG] I had hoped to have a nice flock of around a dozen by now.
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    Nov 25, 2007
    High Desert, CA
    [​IMG] I wish you lived closer too! He is good at keeping eggs fertile and my two SF girls are great broody's! I had 7 mama's hatch (one is an evil broody, so she was removed from the chicks) and 6 raised them together. The 4 non-SF broodies were done raising them after 3-4 weeks, so my SF mamas sit in the nest with all 11 5-6 week olds. [​IMG] I need to get the pics downloaded and post them. It is funny. Let's just say, 2 SF hens can't come close to covering 11 5-6 week olds. [​IMG] Based on past exp, they'll stay with the chicks for another 1-2 weeks...a long time for a broody!
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    I've been wanting some..... DANG!!!! [​IMG] Too far!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]:he I posted trying to find some , but...... Oh well.

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