FREE Silkie Chicks 7 weeks, P/U only

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    I have 3 pure silkie chicks, from my partridge roo over my buff hen, and over my black hen. They are straight run & 7weeks old.
    The light partridge has a vaulted skull. The buff has a bit of blue leakage, and the blue is straight blue so far.
    The buff mama hen has a vaulted skull and is small. The black hen does not have a vaulted skull and is larger, as is her chick,
    and the partridge roo has a smaller crest and is otherwise nicely colored.

    I'd like them to go at least two together. I can drive to meet within 45 minutes of zip 15116 outside of P'burgh, but request a gas donation for delivery.

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