FREE: Silver Spangled Hamburg Roo, slightly damaged -- Western PA


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Western PA
Henery had a leg fracture this Spring. We set it and he recovered fairly well, but still limps at times, and is unable to roost. (Apparent damage to the tendons and ligaments that lock a bird on to the roost.) He also lost some of his rooster mojo. He's gotten it back with the hens, but unfortunately, not enough to stand up to the young Turks who are just coming into their rooster-ness.

He needs an only-rooster home with a few hens.

He's a very beautiful bird, nice temperament, and kindly to his hens. Sired some gorgeous chicks this year.

He is far too scrawny to eat.

He is fourteen months old.

Prices are because suddenly this site won't let us advertise a bird for free. I will not ship!

Southern Butler County, PA.

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