Free Splash silkie roo and Buff Orphington cockerel

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    If you can come get them they are free to the first person to do so. The silkie is very fertile as he has helped produce many chicks this summer. He is a great protector of his hen/s. He is being replaced with an Ameracauna to go with the EE girls that he has been in charge of. I don't have a pen to put him in when the other rooster gets here in about a week. So he needs to go soon. I have a silkie pen but he doens't get along with any other rooster or cockerel. HE has to have his own space with hens or alone. On one foot he has bad spacing with his toes. Other than that, There isn't anything wrong with him. I got him from a breeder that uses theirs for shows and he didn't make the cut because of his one foot.

    The BO cockerel I got when I had traded for some BO pullets. I ended up getting an older cockerel and more pullets at an auction so This little guy isn't needed anymore. He was raised in a pen with quinea keets so he's a bit confused. I've taken him out so he can learn to act like a chicken. lol He needs some human interaction. If you want pics pm me with your email address and i'll send them to you.

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