***FREE*** Tame Patridge Silkie/Cochin Cockerel- West Palm Beach FL

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  1. phoenixbantam

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    May 19, 2009
    West Palm Beach, FL
    I live in the city of west palm beach and cannot keep roosters here because of how close the houses are together...

    I had bought a chick a few months ago from a frizzle cochin/silkie cross, the chick did not turn out to be frizzle though. He is pretty small for a roo and very cute. He is fairly tame, I can pick him up and he will eat out of my hand. He loves to be fed weeds and will follow you around the yard if you handfeed him weeds. He just started crowing a few days ago so he has to go [​IMG] He is fluffy and partridge colored. I can get a photo if anyone is interested.

    He is free to anyone who will give him a great home.

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