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    I posted a thread awhile back regarding raising chickens in the suburbs of Michigan. After reading all the court cases and hearing about the misfortunes of raising a creature from above, I decided to test the waters. I drew up the plans first and plotted an area in our backyard that would be appropriate for the coop. I called the Township and ask them about raising chickens and after a long pause on the phone, the reply was you need a variance. I went to the Hall and requested the necessary paperwork, after getting the long look from the clerk I was handed the forms. I had a feeling this wasn't going to be easy.

    1) Approval from the surrounding neighbors
    2) Approval from the Subdivision Association Board
    3) Drop off the plans with signatures from the Board to the Township with payment
    4) Meet in front of the Township Zoning committee and get the approval with payment
    5) Building permit with payment
    6) Approval of Coop from the Inspector

    With 4 to 6 months of explaining the reason behind raising chickens to my neighbors and township members I received the approval to move forward with building a coop and raising four hens (No Roosters).
    The vote from the Township was 7 to 1 in favor for allowing me to raise the chickens.
    They ask good questions and gave no resistance to the project.

    I started building the coop during the spring and the hens moved in just in time for summer.
    The inspection from the Township was approved, and by end of May the eggs started to come.

    I wanted to do this by the book and not go under the radar. I wanted to enjoy letting them out during the summer and fall in the yard without looking over my back every time.

    I'm not sure how many people have accomplished it this way in our Township, but it is gratifying to know it can be done.

    This is a great website for anyone who needs help with poultry.
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    Well done on your part, and on theirs also. Change, it is a comin'.

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