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This super sweet boy is desperate for a family of his own. 8 months old friendly, handsome and FREE to EGGCELENT home ! Would make a great 4-H or FFA project! Located in Western CT . I will bring him to you !
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Just a suggestion for you-I wouldn't limit this to vegetarians. I'm not a vegetarian and do not eat my own chickens. You may be eliminating quite a few folks from being able to give him a good home.
Nice looking boy.
I just prefer that he NOT be eaten

I understand that, but honestly, it's hard to dictate what happens after he leaves your care, especially if he becomes aggressive. There are many meat eating folks who would probably love to have him and wouldn't process him as well as vegetarians. Just trying to help you with his rehoming a bit.
Best of luck to you, though! Hope you find him a good home.

ETA: Shipping requires a special bio-box and a vet's certificate or NPIP certification. Must be done overnight express as well.
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I'm in oklahoma. You get an approved box for animals an use priority shipping and in a day or two they arrive! That's how most chickens come to the hardware stores and places. The box i believe has to have vent holes and won't leak out the bottom

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