Free to good home 25wk old Light Brahma Roo - Danville, NH

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    Jun 19, 2012
    Danville, NH
    Free to good home 25wk old Light Brahma Roo. We live in Danville, NH. No shipping. Looking to place in New England since worry about shipping. Does not crow.

    We already have a Jersey Giant Roo.

    The 2 Roos haven't started fighting yet, but it is obvious tensions are building between them & servicing the hens.
    Would hate for something to happen to either Roos. We've had them both since 3 days old. Used to Free Range and have been exposed to dogs.

    Need response by January 11, 2013 or my husband is getting rid of the Light Brahma period. I would like to see him re-homed :)
    Nancy Carroll





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  2. Abacus

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    if you decide to ship him, I would take him! But I am in Virginia and cant go all the way to NH but I love Brahmas. Or if anyone else happens to be make a trip down, let me know :)

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