Free to good home 3 Silkie Roo's (Birmingham/Alabama)

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    I rescued these 3 Silkie Roo's along with RIR, BO, and a BR pullets about 3 months ago. I nurtured them all back to health and they are doing fine. I was told that they were all females, however these 3 are all crowing and trying to jump on the other pullets all the time. I think they are between 8-9 months old. They have black rose combs and their waddles have grown in nicely. I can update the pics if somone would like me to.

    I'm worried that they might breed with my other chickens. I never planned to raise silkies, but I do want to see them all well taken care of. I hope someone will be able to give them a good home.

    We are in the West Birmingham area. Jasper, Hueytown, Bessemer, Tuscaloosa are all within distance from me.

    This is Big Papa, quite the gentleman.

    This is Shaggy, he looks better now. He was a little shaggy looking when we first got him.

    This one my son named, Toothless, from his favorite dragon movie.
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