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  1. Catalina

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    Jul 19, 2007

    After a lot of tears and trial I've decided to try and find a new home for my Sebright hen. She is too noisy for my suburban backyard.
    She would do best in a coop with at least one other Sebright or with other small bantams.

    She is very healthy (strong pair of lungs!) and lays a small tinted white egg 3-4x a week.
    She was hatched 08-01-2007 and started laying 01-27-2008.

    I have more pictures and her story here:

    I could deliver her to you or meet in a central location.
    Leave a message or PM if you are interested.
  2. I will send a PM to you too...
    but what part of MN. I live kinda by the WI/MN border area and could possibly meet you if she isn't spoken for already.
  3. SportTees

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    I would love to have her but I'm to far away.. [​IMG]
  4. b.hromada

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    i would LOVE 2 have her! i have a J buff bantom who needs a small friend! [​IMG] but she's proably spocken 4...... sorry if i spelled things wrong i just woke up! [​IMG] i also live in florida soo,i can't get her [​IMG]
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