FREE to good home- Sebright cockerel & Bantam BO cockerels WC Indiana

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I got him from TSC in April, so he doesn't have the best lacing, but he's still handsome nonetheless, has an amazing comb, and is good to the girls. I just have too many roos, so if someone wants him, you can have him if you come get him. I don't have the time or the money to drive anywhere, so you must be willing to come get him. He's completely free, just PM me if you want him. I am located in West Central Indiana, about 15 minutes North on 41 from Williamsport, Attica, He's healthy and well loved, I just have 9 bantam roosters, and I have to reduce the number, and seeing as I already have another sebright roo, I had to make a decision. So please PM me if you want him. I work all day today, tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and part of Saturday, but I should be available for you to come get him either Saturday morning, or sometime on Sunday, provided my boss doesn't put me on the schedule. Please, someone take him. He's a good boy. I've handled and loved all my birds, and my kids handle them regularly, so he'll make a good pet, and a good protector of your flock.

    I can get pictures of him to you upon request, but I'm on the wrong computer for that, so if you want a picture, I'll get one to you. But he's a Sebright, so if you know what a Sebright looks like, then you know what he looks like, lol. He's a Golden Laced, by the way.

    ***Edited to add that i am also giving away 2 Bantam Buff Orpington cockerels as I have 3 and only have two hens, and I just don't need that many roos at this time. The BO's came from Ideal Poultry and are very handsome and good natured. They hatched June 3rd. I received them June 5th. Please, if anyone is interested in any of these boys, please let me know. They need good homes or they go to auction in the Spring. Auctions around here are not a good thing. [​IMG]
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