Free to good home - Young Buff Orpington Rooster Lees Summit, MO

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  1. tjdchickens

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Lee's Summit, Mo
    Hello all, I of my chicks is now becoming a man. I have an approximately 4 month old buff orpington that has now starting to crow. I have suspected he may be male for a while now, but wanted to let him get a little older to see actual signs. He is quite a handsome boy, and has always been well cared for since I brought him home with the others in my backyard flock. He is used to being able to roam the back yard during the day and likes special treats in the evening. I have been hand feeding all my birds since they were around 1 month old so he is used to a lot of human interaction. If you are in my area and have a good home to provide please let me know and w will see if we can figure something out. If you have extra laying hens about the same age I might be willing to make some sort of trade. I hate to see him end up in a pot at such a young age and could do that myself if I wanted to.

  2. Wild Thyme Farm

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    Nov 30, 2013
    Licking, MO
    Hi Trent,

    We have room if you still have him. Located in Licking.

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