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12 Years
Jul 24, 2007
North west Georgia flock free to GOOD home. We currently have 13 hens. The 2 yr olds are: RIR (3), and BR (2). The 1 yr olds are: BO (3), SLW (3) and GLW (2). All the girls are healthy and happy pet chickens. They are very friendly. They have a large chicken yard and comfy coop. We get beautiful brown eggs every morning. I have a record of their laying history. We have to find a home for them because we need to make frequent trips to FL - a family member is having health problems. Anyone interested in our girls must agree to allow us to deliver to check out your accomodations. Interested parties are welcome to visit us to see the flock before delivery. Pictures sent upon request.
Not sure where you're heading in FL, but I'd be happy to provide a home for them in my layer flock if you're heading down this way. All of my layers and their roos free range 24/7 on 2 fenced acres. They have a chain link pen covered with a tarp where their food, water, and roosts are, but most of them prefer to stay out and graze during the day and then stay in the pen at night. Let me know if you're interested in placing them here. I'm in between Orlando and Tampa. Thanks!
I'm so sorry you have to give your girls up, but I promise to take great care of them! You can even come visit while you're in FL if you want.
I PM's you, but I am new at this BYC stuff, so I don't know if it went through. I live in Newnan, GA. My husband and I are currently building a 10'x12' hen house with a covered 12'x16' run behind it. They would have plenty of room there. We should be through with it before we head to Gatlinburg on 10/16. We will be coming back through on 10/19. If you don't have a home for your girls or all of your girl by then, we'd be glad to come by and pick them up. If you want to visit us first or anytime, just call or e-mail us.

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