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    I thought this might be interesting to those out there who do not free-range.

    By experimenting I have found 4 types of broad leaf weeds that grow here that my chooks really like. I periodically pick them and put in a bucket to take to their run. I have even been able to pick them during winter because we do not get a lot of snow here in Tennessee. My chooks have had live greens from day one, even when tiny chicks. It could be a good thing for some of you out there to experiment to see what they like and supplement their diet with those live greens. Live greens are especially good for chooks and humans because of the live enzymes that are not present with processed food. Same holds true for raw meat. Of course it will not work for everyone in all climates.

    I also give them carrots, sweet potatoes, broccolli stems cut up, carrot stems cut up, radish greens cut up, beet stalks cut up, banana peels cut up, as well as all manner of fruit and veggie scraps. I know others give sunflower seeds during warmer weather. Am going to plant 3 or 4 cherry tomato plants in their run for them this coming spring, and sunflowers too. They will be protected until they reach a size where they can be exposed for the chooks to eat from them. Am definitely doing sweet potatoes too for us, and the small ones, or any that get spots or mildew started can be rinsed off and fed to the chooks, as I am doing this winter.

    Mine get no fast food because we do not eat it. Nothing with sugar or aspartame either because we eat little sugar and no aspartame. Incidentally, a sweet potato will last a lot longer as a Pinata on a string than cabbage or head of lettuce will. I have yet to try a turnip or beet tho.[​IMG]
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