FREE!!!!!!!!!! Two 15 wk old lavender Ameraucana Bantam ROOSTERS

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    Hello I have 2 lavender Ameraucana Bantam ROOSTERS for FREE. They are 15 weeks old. I dont want to get rid of them- but I need to I just have too many roos

    These are both roosters hatched from eggs I got from LittleAmeracaunaMom here on byc.

    Charlie has an okay comb I would say 2/3 pea 1/3 single. His color is great. Here is a photo of him on my piano

    The other "Jet" has a really gorgeous pea comb, and a slight bit of tan on his wing tips -- almost a porcelain color.

    In this photo, Charlie is in the back between the two girls, and Jet is on the bottom right.


    Jet has begun picking Charlie's neck feathers out because I put them in a new pen (away from the girls) and he is being dominant. They still get along, but Jet is asserting his place.

    Shipping price is 75$ firm. Express mail via usps in a certified usps bird shipping box.

    I will also ship them with 72 hour heat packs, and they will be sent via express mail. I can also ask the post office to hold the box for you and call you when it is ready for pick-up.

    If you want only one, shipping price is still the same -- 75$. Or you get both for that shipping price (they both fit in 1 box that can be divided.)-- up to you!

    I will also include fresh produce for them for the ride.

    Please know that I am not making any money off of this! That is just what it will cost me to send them out.

    If you are local, you can have them FREE! -- Just pick them up!

    I can deliver them if you live within 2 hours of providence, RI for a small fee to cover gas price.

    [email protected].
    I will check my email first before my PMs so that is where is best to contact me.

    These boys need to go asap, so please if you are interested let me know. I don't want to have to butcher them! [​IMG]

    Thanks for looking!
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    Wish you were closer, I would take one in a heartbeat. [​IMG]

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