Free wine fridge for DIY incubator project, Tacoma, WA area

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    I posted this in the classifieds but am not hearing from anyone so I hope it's alright to post here. I didn't even realize there was a classifieds part of BYC until I went looking on where to post this. It'll be gone in a second if I post on Craigslist but I wanted to see if anyone on BYC in my area wants it first. Private message me if you are interested.

    I have a really nice wine fridge I got for free last year intending to turn it into an incubator. It doesn't cool which is why it was free. We recently decided we have too many other projects and our little styrofoam incubator works just fine for our needs. So...

    Who wants this project? I'd love to see someone handy take it on. I've seen some detailed posts here and elsewhere on how to do it.

    We live about 30 minutes from Tacoma and 40 minutes to Olympia and I'd be willing to meet someone half way to either town.

    You can see from the pic that it's about the height of my dryer with wire racks inside and a glass door. You can hatch a lot of eggs in there! Sigh, it's gonna make a cool incubator. But... I'm letting go... [​IMG]

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