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    Jun 30, 2009
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    I have about 12-15 young roos looking for a new address...All range in age around 2 months. I'm wanting more breeding pens and the kids are using them all up as playpens right now.
    White True Ameraucana from Pips&Peeps I paid more than this to buy him and ship him!! I actually have 3 of them.
    EE Roos 1 black and silver rest are the common browns but 1 looks like Pappa Roo(aviator) did at this same age...8 or so of them
    Black Sex Link- Half dozen or so
    Heritage Delaware-a few in this older age range
    Barred Rock-only 1 left
    Mille Fleur Leghorn Roo about 9 months very mellow fella
    I have younger ones as well.
    NO shipping I will try to get some pics uploaded soon.
    Edited to add more!
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