FREE young Wellsummer rooster very handsome NE WV


11 Years
Mar 3, 2008

I have a handsome young Wellsummer rooster to give away. he is about 1 year old and protective of his flock and takes his duties seriously.

He is blind in one eye and has a small limp - i was told that he was in a pen with older roosters when he was young and probably was injured there - this doesn't effect his abilities with the girls tho.

He has been flogging at me and DH says that he has to go or he will be in the stew pot. His spurs have been removed, but he is a large bird and I cannot have him around the grandchildren like this.

Would anyone want to give him a new home before DH sends him to rooster heaven? will not ship - pickup only or will meet you if not far away

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