Freebie roo babes - Faverolles?


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Feb 6, 2011
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I'll have to pre-apologize for the lack of pics - I have a script error on my PC with any and all 'browse' buttons for uploading pics. It makes me really nuts. I think I might be able to bypass this with Flickr, but it'll have to wait until a bit later.

Anyway, I got a chick shipment from Ideal today and got 11 packing peanuts that are really neat looking. From internet scouring, I think they're Faverolles, but I'd like some input from more seasoned chicken keepers

They are solid pale yellow, nearly white, with cheeky muffs like an EE, feathing down the outside of the shanks and two crazy toes on each shank, in addition to their regular toes. Does this sound right? Their primaries aren't in yet, but I read that sexing is possible at that point - black wings for boys, something else (salmon?) for girls...I'm crossing my fingers for a reverse sexing mistake! Acutally, even though I'm a city dweller, I am allowed a rooster. The pics I've seen of grown S.F. roosters make it REALLY tempting to keep one!
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Sounds like you got faverolles! My girl started getting brown coming in on the wings. I got cochins as my packing peanuts, ended keeping one it was just too cute. Have fun with them!

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