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Jul 8, 2007
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Hello, all!

I've been making bird toys for about a year, since I got my beloved budgie, Timmy. I started because all the toys at the pet store were too expensive to stock Tim's bird cage. I decieded to make use of my Mesquite tree in my back yard. I got a drill and a saw and started working to make some bird toys for Ol' Tim. I became obsessed with this handicraft and decieded to take it to the next level.

I have about seven of these guys. I'm giving them out, but you still have to pay shipping. They're called "Mesquite Ladders"


Made with all natural Mequite Wood, Hemp twine, and a chain link to hook it to the top of the cage.

Shipping will be $3.00
Money order only. Sorry, no paypal here.

I will ship the Saturday after the Money Order is recieved.

I'm only giving these out because I want your feedback. Any recomendations, suggestions, comments, concerns, please!

If you are intrested, please PM me.

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Those are WAY too small for my birds. LOL But I do have a question for you. Do you have access to a supply of mesquite or manzanita? I could definitely could use some to make toys for my birds. I have African Greys, Amazons, and Macaws.

The toy is actually 8 inches. The Mesquite poles are about 3/4 in. and are about 5 in. long.

I have plenty of Mesquite wood available is you want some. It's not at tough as manzanita wood, but it has a nice, shredable bark that gets tougher or "chewy" as it gets to the core.

I recomend the Mesquite Ladder for cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies, etc.
I'll have larger toys available soon. This is more of a sample for feedback.

If your intrested in Mesquite wood poles, PM me.

They look nice. My budgies and quaker would like them. My finches probably would like one that was a perch/swing type out of wood. I don't see anything unsafe about them. But I don't know if that wood itself is safe to chew-I'm sure you checked that out and it is. Up here I can't get it, so I use apple or pear. I make bird toys, too.

How much were you thinking of charging for your toys? In the store, something like that would be $8-15 depending on size, and if it were for a Grey or Amazon, $20 at least.
Thanks for commenting!

Mesquite wood is safe for your birds. Its native to were I live (all the wood comes from a tree in my yard), so I have an endless supply. And since Mesquite is a hard wood, It will last quite a while. I made a bird toy out of apple tree branches before. I got three thin branches and braided them. I haven't seen my budgie touch it yet though.

I was actually thinking of selling it for around $6.00, after I improved it as much as possible. Like I said before, I'll have more toys for sale soon. (probobly by next week)

Thanks again for commenting!
Very nice toy! I don't have any birds myself that i could give this to, but I used to work for a bird sanctuary and I know those birds would have loved it!

I especially like that the pieces of wood are connected with a string and not wire. A lot of toys I see sold similar to this have a wire in the center and it always seems to dangerous to me! Some of the larger birds tend to bend the metal or chew it and they can get caught up way too especially. While there is still a possibility of getting caught in string, most of the birds just have fun shredding it and making a mess! LOL

Good luck with those toys! I'm surprised no one here has wanted one yet! You might have more luck if you post in the other pets section with a title like "Free parrot toys for trial". In the stores, toys like this are super expsensive, so a free one would be most appreciated! Handmade toys are the best.

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