I think works if not you can go to google and type in freecycle and your state. it works alot better that way
I love it but at least in my area you have to be quick about it to get something. I just got 4 6-packs of Pediasure for my son. Saved me about $40.
It maybe easy if you go to and go to their groups section. Type in Freecycle and your state/area. My Freecycle groups use Yahoo for the message board. I have been getting lots of great things off of it for years. I actually got my chicken coop off freecycle. But as said earlier things go fast, alot of people are finding out about freecycle and they are joining reducing the odds of getting things. I have also noticed that alot of people use it for their personal wish list with posting more wanted then offers.
Just want to add in here a note...
This morning when I checked my emails...had one from the freecycle list....and it was someone giving away VBS items....
Yeah! I've started a VBS at this church...this will be our 3rd year doing it...and while I'm delegated a small amount of funds...VBS can get expensive. Was excited to get large amount of lit. and activities for free! Keep checking yours, you never know what you will find.

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