Freecycle jackpot


12 Years
Jun 4, 2007
Central Arkansas
I got about 15 sheets (3'x5') of hardware cloth from freecycle!!! It was an older man so I took them a dozen of eggs. Boy did I start a problem. Some of the eggs were ee eggs some blue and some green. Of course when I package eggs I just put different kinds white, brown, blue, and green then some are big and some are small. The man put a thank you on freecycle about the blue eggs and how good they are. Now everyone wants to know about the eggs. The admin put a note saying it would be appropriate to put the post on the cafe forum. So I emailed the admin asking her if she wanted some and she said yes and asked if she could come see the chickens.



12 Years
Mar 9, 2007
Eggzile and / or Utah
Congratulations, recruiting new members to the madness one at a time. Resistance is futile. Sounds like you are going to be taking a few orders, and get some nice clients addicted.....with eggs or pullets.....I got some EE eggs from a freecycler, which made me buy an EE last spring, only I got brown eggs from Sophia until the dog attack......

My mom who has/had been very supportive can not wrap her mind around green eggs, she recalls watching a couple of chicks fight over a bacon rind as a child and being amused for hours just watching them, she even had the savvy to ask me why I had a cockerel in such a small flock of 3, but no way would she be able to eat a green egg. Even after I explained that the egg was the same just the shell was green. So its been my experience that people love/hate them, no in between.......I am on the love side myself......

So I am starting over with a new flock of 4 with 1 EE
here's hoping that I will be blessed with blue or green this time....


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
Kelso, WA
oooohhhhhhhh! I am soooooooo jealous! I got my chickens cuz I wanted fresh, natural eggs. Now I want MORE chickens so I can sell eggs, and MORE coops and, and, and..........sigh, I am SO ADDICTED!

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