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Sep 11, 2011
I have been raising 25 freedom rangers since the beginning of November. This is my very first attempt at raising meat birds of any kind so I'm not really not at all sure how things are normally done. I've been feeding a meat bird crumble up until a week ago when I switched to purina flock raiser because I ran out of meat bird and had flock raiser on hand. I slowly mixed it in with the last 50 pound bag of the meat bird crumble. The meat bird diet had a coccidiostat in it and the flock raiser doesn't. I figured it's no big deal since these guys should have a nice immunity by now, right? Well, the last few days I have noticed a few strawberry jam like swirls of red in some of their poop. The birds look fine and are eating and gaining weight. However, my beloved 8 month old pet goose died last night. I noticed she was weak Saturday night, consulted my vet and treated aggressively with IV fluids, antibiotics, activated charcoal and clostridium antitoxin and she died anyway. This may have nothing to do with the broilers but still raises a big red flag. The broilers are in a hoop house with outdoor access and the geese are free range. Will have necropsy results in a day or two. So here's my question... Does this strawberry jam poop sound like coccidia? What do you all use to treat coccidia? What's the withdrawal time? I was planning on processing them next week. Thanks for your ideas!
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Wow! Who knew? Thanks PotterWatch. That was a very informative link. You're right... it's the intestinal lining. I can't help but wonder why on earth this is normal for chickens. I already ran out and got some corid and treated tonight but I can skip the rest of the treatment.

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