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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I have a Cuckoo Marans hen who is at least 6 months old now (I got her in early May as a chick) whose comb and wattles have been red for at least two months. I keep thinking she is going to be the next to lay yet others keep beating her to it - so far 2 EEs, a BCM, two Golden Lakenvelders, and a Golden Campine, plus my 3 Runner Ducks. They are all the same age within two weeks of each other.

    She doesn't look like she is fat, which I understand can retard laying (how could I tell for sure?) and appears very healthy. I'm beginning to wonder if she will be one of those freeloading hens that rarely, barely or never lays...
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    I have a Cuckoo Marans who is exactly the same. I hatched her out myself and she laid for a few months then just seemed to quit. At first I assumed she was laying away (I free range my flock) and that I'd find a pile of dark brown eggs hidden somewhere about the farm, but any eggs I do find stashed about the yard are light brown. I'm sure she's not laying. She IS a big fat fatty though, which might have something to do with it. She's just less than two years old...
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    I've got a couple of hens like that.One is a Naked Neck who was a fantastic layer, who then had lice (treated), then moulted (feathers re-grown) and hasn't now laid for about 6 months. She is a bit fat and under 2 years old. I have a Brahma who was broody in May, and hasn't laid since.....but she IS fat. Another Brahma isn't laying, aged about 2, and no obvious reason there.

    Some DO seem to quit from time to time.

    Oh and I have a lot of others who have legitimate cause for not laying, moulting, too old, too young, still with chicks etc.
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    Quote:Don't have any answers or advice, just wanted to say LOVE LOVE LOVE your "avatar" pic, and adore Whippets [​IMG]
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    Thanks, those are my two oldest boys running against each other at an ASFA trial. [​IMG] I have four altogether, ages 1.5 to 6.

    Best breed ever! [​IMG]

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