Freerange Bantam Split Coop - 80% complete

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    This the house for the freerange bantams. Primarily the Dutch are on the left side and the Faverolles are on the right. There are several mixes and others that sleep with them, but those are the breeds I actually keep roosters for. The standard Cochin does not sleep in there. She is just stealing food, they have their own house, food, and waterer.
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    The coop is 4'x6'. The middle is 6' from the floor and the sides are a foot shorter. The roof extends out 3' as a porch roof. I need to put in the uprights at each corner for extra strength. The house is about 80% complete. Which is what I call NOT done, but safe to live in.

    Here is the interior. The house is split almost down the middle. The partition goes up 4 feet and the upper 2 feet are wire. Had to make sure they couldn't see each other. The groups are fine roaming together, but do NOT roost well together. The bird is Amber, a 3 year old Cream Light Brown Dutch hen.
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    There are no nest boxes yet. I will do those sooner or later. A single stack of nests will run up the side at the front corner. They will be accessable from the outside. I am redoing the front in the next couple days. I am reversing the way each side is, so that the doors go to the edge and open from the opposite side. Shouldn't take more then an hour since everything is done with screws. No cutting to do.

    I am going to paint it barn red just to tick the neighbors off.

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