Freeze Raw Eggs ????

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    Anyone ever freeze their raw eggs they don't use. What would happen if you like put 2 or 3 together at a time in ice trays and froze them then just pop out how many cubes you needed to use. Or if not whole scramble them and do the same. They freeze egg yolks and whites seperatly but how about together, just a thought. This is one reason I don't breed my own eggs, I would have to many to use and would need some way to preserve them. Thanks [​IMG]
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    Actually, a lot of people freeze eggs in ziploc bags and then use them for baking, omelettes, etc.
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    This is an interesting question!
    So I googled it to see the best way.

    It seems they must be out of the shell.

    If whole the yolk should be scrambled slightly.
    If freezing just yolk, a little salt or sugar should be added.

    Here's a link to what I found.

    I doubt I will ever have too many.... but this is handy to have just in case.

    Were a family of 3, one being a 14 yr. boy.... 3 dogs that will gladly eat what we dont, and many birds I cook eggs for.... lol...
    Not to mention family and friends wanting eggs. [​IMG]

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