Freezing garden fruits and vegetables for winter chicken feed

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    Jul 5, 2014
    hello everyone - I am new to the world of chickens and could use some experienced thoughts. Now that I have acquired some hens (9) and two roosters I have all my friends saving me their garden lettuce and apples for the chickens. And I have lots believe me. I thought I would freeze most of it in batches (as I have an extra freezer) and then in the winter I can take out small amounts of the lettuce/apples/kale/ etc) and add it to their daily food. Has anyone ever done this? thank you for any insight into this subject.
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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hi! I have never done exactly what you are talking about, but do freeze a lot of stuff from our gardens and do have chickens, so here is my 2 cents. For the greens, I'd par boil them before freezing them as the cell structure is ruined by freezing out-right and you would just be feeding them thawed out mush. But if you boil them for just until the color changes and then get them cooled off and as dry as possible before you freeze them, they should be ok. For the apples, they don't freeze so well, but you could coat them with wax and store them in a root cellar and hope for the best, slice them and dehydrate them or make applesauce and then freeze that.
    Some folks on here make frozen treat blocks for the winter where they roll stuff into suet, freeze and them put them out in the winter. You could try looking that up as well. We are in SC and don't really get all that cold here for very long. Good luck!

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