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Does anyone have experience with them? How much fiber do you get a year? How much does the fiber sell for? I pasture all my other animals, I have read if you don't clip the hair off their feet they will get tangled on grass. But otherwise how would partial grass feeding be? Is there a high demand for young?

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French Angoras have clean feet, ears and faces. Which means the hair stays short in those areas. You are probably thinking of an english angora - they have wool EVERY WHERE!!!!

I harvest my frenchies twice a year, mainly because they show rabbits and the longer the wool the better. The raw fiber sells by the pound and it varies greatly depending on where you are, what color it is, etc. You can easily spin it with a lace weight drop spindle or an electric one. The price on the spun wool also varies but is typically much higher than the raw wool.

Also, I would never let them run in the grass unless your grass is FREE of all else. No stickers, no other debris their wool can pick up. Because it is a PAIN to get it all out of their wool.

Right now, there is a low demand for all rabbits except meat ones. However, once things pick up, they do sell well, especially if they are pedigreed. Mine are selling, just slowly. I had 8 kits and we have 3 left, they are now 12 weeks.
When I say harvest, I mean when their wool is about 8 inches long and I go through the process of pulling the wool out. They already have an inch of undercoat in place and the wool comes out easily with no distress to the rabbit. I do groom them once a week and I save all that wool as well. People who purchase raw wool really don't care if there are stickers or hay pieces in the wool. Just not a lot of it.

And NO I do not get less. A rabbits wool growth is the same whether you harvest it at 4 inches or wait til 8 inches. You are still getting the same amount of wool.

This is my doe at about 6-7 inches of growth.


Another thing - if you wait TOO long, they blow their coat and all their wool with to to the far corners of the universe. So as soon as you notice that alot of wool comes out easily, harvest.

This is my pistol, Cleo. She is just now old enough to breed and ready to harvest. This pic she is only 4 months old. She looks HUGE right now.

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