french black copper maran, 4.5 weeks old- still a girl??


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Apr 3, 2012
This is our girl LaLune, a 4.5 week old french black copper maran. She is the only FBCM I have so I have nothing to compare too. She has a larger comb, but its pale, no red to it and no red to wattles. Exhibits no stereotypical roo qualities, sweet as can be, just wanted to know sooner than later. What do you think?

Thanks for any help,

It depends if it is aggressive.If it is aggressive to you and your flock it is proboly a male.
my 5 week old marans pullet has a smaller comb then that but then saying that my 2 week old marans cockrell has a larger comb then that

and my 8 week old marans is massive and crowing

with tht said i will say yours is a pullet
i dont think you have a black copper marans at all they shouldnt have any copper coloring for a few months and deffently not all over their body pullets would only have the copper color on their hackles cockerels would have it on their wings, saddles, and hackles.

these pics are to show their color, notice their isnt color on their chest and nor all over their body like yours for gender i lean towards pullet right now

You know hdowden, I was thinking the same thing, her coppery color all over her body just appeared this past week, she had been solid black till then. I watched her hatch out of a very dark chocolate colored egg and the breeder told me she was a french copper maran. What does she look like to you?
i was thinking the same thing

my 5 week old is completlt black and my 8 week old had less copper then yours does

my copper can be seen in my sig

i think yours is crossed with a maranand somesort of pencil or partridge
SHE is a very mossy BCM.... she may lay you VERY DARK EGGS... I do not keep chicks that are that mossy. ALTHOUGH my original pullets were mossy and lay very nice color eggs.
these 2 pics are from about 2.5 weeks ago, there was some copper coming in on feathers, you can see her feathered legs bit better too.


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