French Gold Cuckoo/Wheaten Marans Hatching Eggs ~Test Hatch~

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    I am offering up 12 eggs from my young flock of Gold Cuckoo Marans at a discount price as a test hatch. There is still a young wheaten marans cockerel in the pen so you may also get some wheatens for your hatch. All are feather legged and of great size. I could not be happier with this group. I am checking fertility myself and have 8 eggs set. Out of the 8 I know 5 are 100% developing as the chick is near the side, the other 3 I am 99% sure they are vital as I can see veins just not the chick. I have also cracked on and it was fertile as well. The pullets are laying a very nice dark egg for golds and of decent size for being pullet eggs.

    Do to circumstances beyond my control I cannot guarantee the eggs once they leave my care. We do keep them at a mild room temperature and turn them daily. Eggs are packed securely to ensure the best possible trip to your location. Please pm or email with any questions. These will ship out Priority w/delivery confirmation just as soon as the auction ends. [​IMG]

    *Updated pictures of the birds and egg color to come tomorrow*


    Egg color in both flash and non flash
    (bantam eggs in front row just for color comparisons)

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    Beautiful Tricia!
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    Stalking!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Golden cuckoo shouldn't have wheaten in it FYI it takes years to breed it out.
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    Many Gold cuckoo flocks still produce other color marans out of the same hatch, as per my understanding that golds are still "projects". Some of the best colored golds and wheaten's that I have seen even here on BYC have come from these such hatches. Egg color has also improved on this generation being darker than what they hatched from. Some like me may like seeing more than one color marans running around in their flock, I personally could not be happier with my little group. [​IMG]

    The wheaten cockerel is up for sale so once he is sold it will be a flock of just golds. [​IMG]
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