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    May 18, 2007
    I heard there was a shortage of French Hens this year and was worried for those that like to sing the 12 days of Christmas. Sooooo, I put a French hen egg in my Kenmore incubator and this is what I got. She came out 100% cotton in a lovely eggplant color with a red beret? She does not fit into my breeding program, but she would make a wonderful novelty addition for someone else. I have to mention that she is a house chicken only and completely house trained. She does have a fondest for the hottest places in the kitchen and prefers to roost near the stove. She's a large chicken, approximately 10 X 10 inches from end to end, with vintage button eyes. (from grammie button box) (She folds in half and doubles as a pot holder.)

    Shipping for the US and Canada is stated above, others will need to PM me so I can calculate the postage. PayPal or Money orders please.

    She also likes the top of the cookstove for some reason.

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