French Wheaten Maran and Rhode Island Reds, producing black chicks??? Why is that???


6 Years
May 12, 2013
Blue Mountains, Australia
G'day all!

So I went and put some eggs in my bator to check if my Roo was actually doing his job... turns out he was! And I now have 10 little chicks darting about in a breeder box.

But I am flummoxed as to why a few of the chicks are black.

Basically the Rooster is a pure bred French Wheaten Maran and the hens were a variety of: Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red (but she was sold to me as a Welsummer - but she aint!), and a few French Wheaten Maran girls.

I think I recognise the Marans. Several are are orange which I think are the RIR's and one has markings of a Welsummer - I know where that comes from.

But! 3 of them black. That's what I don't understand.

When chooks breed, are they like dogs & cats, in that unless your dead-cert on their heritage you can get anything? Meaning it doesn't matter that I have what is supposed to be a Rhode Island Red, if her Mum's Mum was an Australorp (somewhere along the line) it might come it again at a later stage in later generations?
That's about right. Lots of genes can be hiding in your birds. You'll have a general idea of what you will get, but there can still be surprises.
Ooh! I haven't seen that before! I'm going to have to spend some time playing around with that. Thanks for sharing!

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