French Wheaten Maran Fertile Hatching Eggs Bev Davis Line


10 Years
Nov 12, 2009
PLEASE DO NOT BID ON THIS AUCTION, EMAIL ME PLEASE IF INTERESTED. I have a 8+ Very Nice French Wheaten Maran Rooster from Bev Davis Line with Heavy Feathered Legs in with Beautiful French Wheaten Maran Hens with Heavy Feathered Legs also. The picture of the eggs does not do them justice as the eggs are much darker in person 7-9 on the maran scale. I do not offered my eggs often as I have a very high demand locally for all my fertile eggs and chicks. THIS WILL BE MY LAST OFFER THIS YEAR AS I HAVE A VERY LARGE ORDER TO FILL VERY SOON SO GET THESE WHILE YOU CAN! I have 4 beautiful new chicks that hatch last Sunday and I have one that hatch during the night with 4 more peeping and pecking. :~)

I feed my breeders a special breeder supplement feed, layer feed, clover clippings, and fresh water several times a day. I will pack your eggs with a ice pack to keep them cool on their journey, wrap each egg in bubblewrap, place in a egg carton then wrap the egg carton in alum foil to protect the eggs from the USPS xray machines. I am hoping that my efforts to protect the eggs will help you have a great hatch!

Please pay by Paypal ONLY and I will ship your eggs to you by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation to be paid by buyer. If you live out west shipping will be more but I always send in a Priority Flat Rate Box to save on shipping. As I do everything I can to help you have a Great Hatch, I can not guarantee chicks as you are buying fertile hatching eggs not chicks as too many factors can be difficult on hatching eggs including shipping and incubator practices.

My French Wheaten Rooster and his favorite hen

6 week old French Wheaten Chick (closeup)

Good Luck and Happy Hatching!
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