French Wheaten Marans Eggs 8+


9 Years
Jul 9, 2010
Bend, Oregon
Hello Chicken Lovers! I have a lovely Bev Davis pair of French Wheaten Marans and my pullet has been laying very nice dark eggs especially for a Wheaten. They each have nice and properly feather shanks as in accordance with the French Standard. I currently have 7 eggs in my incubator set and they are all fertile and set to hatch next week. I have four more fresh eggs saved up and will ship as many as I can to ship by no later than next Wednesday morning. I should have at least 8 and possibly extras for you in that time. These eggs have been quite dark and I have saved some of her original eggs to show color depth. This is a lovely young pair of Marans and I think you will be very happy with their babies. Please email for photos and if you have any additional questions. I will attempt to download some on here as well. I accept Paypal as a payment form and will lovingly pack and ship your eggs via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I am very confident in the fertility of this pair, but I can not be held responsible for fertility issues due to postal handling. Thank you for looking!

Here is a picture of my rooster, Lewis. He is 8 months old.
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I have eight as of today!
And I have 6 babies set to hatch tomorrow. I set 7 so the fertility is great!
Do you realize we have almost the same breeds? Small world!
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Can they be sexed by 4 weeks old (just like wheaton ameraucanas or faverolles)?
Oh I think can tell them apart because of the feathering on the shanks. The roos have much darker feathering than the pullets. Do you only have bantam Favs? I have LFSalmons but am working on Lavender variety with my Lav Orps.

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