Freshly Laid Muscovy Duck Eggs for Sale $2.50 each!

Connie White

In the Brooder
6 Years
Mar 22, 2013
Cedar Bluff, Alabama
I have Blue, Black and Brown Muscovy's laying right now - there wont be many as half the gals (2 of 4) have gone broody! These are spectacular ducks to have - quite with great personalities and are very robust (delicious too as are the eggs). I am offering the eggs at $2.50 each or $20 per dozen - I have one group of ducklings successfully hatching out now artificially - and have ducks hatching others out!

Muscovy's get along beautifully with other chickens and each other! They eat all sorts of bugs without tearing up your yard. They are a cleaner duck and don't make everything messy (like Pekins for example). Mine come to me when called (corn in hand!) and will waggle their tails while telling you tales! It's a fun duck to have. Here's a nice write up on them http://communitychickens.blogspot.c...ks-perfect-for-small-farmer.html#.UYPB7rWPwfw

Here's the family!

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