Freshwater "seafood"?

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    I took my nephew to a local stream to show him the ropes of playing in by the stream as kids. I was showing him how to catch crayfish and wondered if the muscles and crayfish or even minnows could be used as a special treat?

    Shells: Calcium Source?
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    They would love them but I've heard of the eggs taking on a fishy taste. My dogs once ripped open a bag of garbage after Christmas and there where quite a bit of shrimp left overs... my flock gobbled them up without any ill effects although I think the salt content wasn't the healthiest for them.
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    Fresh seafood is fine, i don't think the eggs will suffer any ill effects, so I wouldn't worry about that. If you can find ways to supplement their treats with a little variety great. I would feed it bland or raw, if it had been cooked watch the salt, but if there was a chance just soak them in water prior to feeding.


    Oh and save a few mudbugs for your own treats, they are my all time favorites.

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