Friday is Hatch~Day but should I lock down sooner?

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    Sep 14, 2010
    I am just at the end of my second hatch and I have had my eggs in for 16 days. My problem is that after my first hatch I decided that I would go out and buy a really nice and decently expensive digital read-out thermometer. Long story short, after 12 days of the temperature fluctuating 6 to 7 degrees every 10 minutes I decided to put 2 analog thermometers in to double (triple) check the digital one. Wel, the temp was very stead and not changing hardly at all but the digital one was way off and the temp was really high (102 or higher) for 12 day. I immediately turn the temp down and it has been perfect for the last 4 days. I candled them yesterday and they were all alive and kicking. My only question is, should they go into lock down sooner because they were warmer for so long or should I stick with the 18 day mark. I am really concerned that if any do hatch they will do so in the egg turner and will get smooshed. I know I was a bad chickie momma and I will never make that mistake again. [​IMG]
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    You are doing fine.... If you feel like going in to lock down early that's fine. It wont hurt. There is a chance that some will hatch early by a day or so.

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