Fried Pies?

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    Has anyone else here ever made Fried Pies?

    I was cleaning out the cabinets earlier today and found a can of apple pie filling and decided to make fried pies later... well after 3 hours of scrubbing the deep fryer and replacing the oil I finally was ready to make them. I got the dough made and opened the can of apples and cut them into smaller pieces.... but then when i went to spoon some into a pie I noticed black-ish stuff in the apples so I decided it wasn't safe to use. But now I have a hot fryer, dough ready and NO other pie filling, UGH!

    Does anyone here have any other suggestions for filling?

    I have only ever had them with cherry or apple filling since gramma had a lot of those fruits canned.

    Thank you for any suggestions!
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    Empenadas would be a great life saver, and Americanized version is easy:

    1 lb ground beef (fatty)
    1 large onion, medium dice
    2 medium cooked red potatoes, diced
    1/2 cup chopped cilantro
    1 tbls chopped garlic
    1 pack taco seasoning.

    Brown the meat, onions, garlic and taco seasoning until the meat is about browned, add 1 cup Coke to the pan and then the diced cooked potatoes, cilantro and sauté a couple more minutes. Let the filling cool some, the using an ice cream scoop measure out portions onto your pie rounds, fold the dough over and seal edges with a fork. Fry just like you would the fruit pies. They'll disappear fast.
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    Boy I found a great link for many empenada recipes of different regions. Based sort of like the European hand pie, empenadas employ using what you have around creatively to make something filling and satisfying... When I lived in Chile I LOVED empendadas, two for dollar (a little small but so tasty). I liked serving a bunch with a salad - the kids went nuts...
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    Any fruit pie filling can go in fried pies, you can use cream filling, lemon curd, just cinnamon and sugar. You can also use fresh fruit or canned fruit that is well drained; less sweet, but still delicious.

    The empanada suggestion is excellent. They are a real treat for dinner.

    Heck, you could probably put an old boot into pastry crust and deep fry it and it would be delicious.

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