Friend Can't Keep Animals Alive!

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Today I was talking to my friend at school and she told me yet another one of her animals has died. This hasn't been the first time she has told me of one of her animals dying. I know it happens to all of us...Just this year two of my peafowl were killed by raccoons, but this is a different situation...

    My friend loves animals, but my parents and I are not sure if she is taking good care of her animals. She isn't a close friend anymore, but when we were closer and I visited her house she had a pomeranian and a cat. The pomeranian ran away so she got a cute little female jack rustle puppy she named Tinkerbell. I loved that dog but I was worried about it. One day at her house she picked up Tinkerbell and threw her into the pool!! The poor dog did nothing to deserve it. I looked at my friend in shock and told her that you don't just throw dogs into the pool for no reason. I think she told me something like "Well Tinkerbell is okay". My friend's backyard is of a good size and is fenced but instead of letting Tinkerbell run around in the big backyard I think most of the time she was kept in a little square pen with barely any room for her doghouse and food bowls. The little pen was all dug up and Tinkerbell ran all around the pen like crazy. I asked her if the dog needed a bigger pen but she said they let her out every now and then. Not too long afterward at school I found out that Tinkerbell had died...She wasn't that old...My friend told me something happened to her, maybe it was worms. I don't think she knew that you are supposed to give dogs medicine to prevent that. Then she got into chickens...She raised them up from little chicks and I think around when they got full sized and she let them out they were all killed by hawks. Then she got mini goats. She had two males, one died very soon after she got them, I forgot why it died then she got a female for the lone male and was hoping on breeding them. Today she informed me that the male died because he couldn't pee. I guess he was acting funny so she took him to the vet and they said he was full of pee and he had a blockage. My friend said sand was the blockage and the vet tried to fix the blockage but the goat's bladder burst and they couldn't save him. I asked her if they told her how to prevent that from happening again. She said that if he was fixed that wouldn't be a problem and that there are some special foods they can eat to prevent that but that those foods don't really work and the vet said that it was a common thing for goats to have that problem but that normally they don't die from it. I am not a goat keeper or expert so I don't know about that stuff. My friend told me she really loves goats and she cried telling me that her goat had died. She really liked that one.

    Also, this friend wants peafowl from me. I am not selling peafowl yet but may this breeding season and I am just a little worried. I love peafowl soo much and I couldn't bear to sell some birds to someone who can't keep them alive for long. The only pet she has that has been alive for a long time is her pet cat Tom. He has been around forever but cats are good at taking care of themselves...

    What do you all think? Is my friend just very unlucky when it comes to pets or do you think there is something behind all of these deaths? She said to me today that her backyard is like a pet cemetery and she started naming all the pets she had buried back there: 2 dogs, several chickens, goats...

    I just don't know if you could have that much bad luck...Maybe she just isn't reading up on the animals and things like that? I don't know but it must be hard for her to have animals dying all the time...
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    about the dog...those are very hyper and active little babies that can not be confined and if she died due to warms then thats animal abuse and as for the rest it could be considered animal abuse to (expect the chickens if they died by a hawk) not properly taking care of the animals will greatly reduce their lives and without vet care will die to. i personally wouldnt let her have any of my babies.
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    I wasn't wanting to sell her any peafowl and I am hopping she forgets about getting some from me...

    I just don't know how I would say to her "No I will not sell peafowl to you because all of your animals die".

    Although she has to understand that she needs to be more responsible and take care of her animals better before even considering getting more. I think the problem with some people is they like the animals, the way they look, the way they act, the companionship but the downside is you have to clean up after them and feed them, but all that care makes up for it when you see your animals healthy and happy living long lives. Next class if she talks about animals anymore I will try and find out more about how she takes care of them. Whenever I try and hint that maybe she wasn't taking care of her animals correctly she sort of steers away from that and makes it sound like she is just very unfortunate. I don't know...I am not sure what to think of it.
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    Jan 17, 2011
    Strange. You would think that she would be open to educating herself about the animals. It sounds like there is no one to teach her what these different kinds of animals require. She diffenately should not get more animals. All you can do is try to set a good example for her. [​IMG]
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    Yep, I can only hope that I can set a good example as well as many other kids at school who keep chickens, goats, horses, etc.

    I thought when she decided to get goats she researched them, but she might have just been looking up pictures and trying to find a local breeder...
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    Your friend is a sociopath...
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    I'd be afraid to sell her any. I don't think she is taking care of them because so many have died. It is one thing to have a few die from a predator but then one has to do something about it! Since so many different kinds of animals have died, it also seems strange. You would be kicking yourself if you did give her one and something hideous happened to it. Better safe than sorry.
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    Quote:I told a friend exactly that about getting some ducks from me. And I didn't care if she was offended or not.

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    It sounds to me like your friend has some serious issues. She clearly needs to research animals before she gets them, and as far as the goat, urinary stones can be an issue for in tact males as well as those castrated at a young age, but if you have them on the right feed mixture (calcium t phosphorus ratio of 2:1) and add ammonium chloride, don't free feed grains, and keep fresh water available AT ALL TIMES it can be avoided in most cases.
  10. Ya I agree with everyone else, but I've had the same problems. Nothing big like a dog but hamster (it died the day I got it), a gerbil (got lost in heater), parakeets due to cooking gases and we've lost chickens due to splayed leg [​IMG]. I used to be a lot younger though like 8, just saying I doubt your friend is 8. Still though I wouldn't give her a peacock. Hope you the best of wishes and she forgets so you won't have to offend her [​IMG]

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