Friend of mine needs help! Dog problem and neighbors being IDIOTS!

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  1. "AGHHHHHHHHH! Stinking neighbors dog is killing our chickens and they think it's funny! UGH! Why can't they keep their own dogs on THEIR own property! I have called. they are supposed to be leashed and in their own yard but by the time they show up if the dogs gone or they've come and taken their dog back like they did this time, then they can't do anything. he killed three chickens....that i have found anyway, so far. We keep finding dead chickens...we have only found five alive and we had 30! animal control is on their way over....he said he talked to someone and we can criminally sanction them for killing lifestock (since it killed so many) and we are legally able to shoot on site if we see it again [​IMG] this is all legal and on file now... They must have been hiding but we now have 19 chickens, 5 dead and the rest missing (we have 30)....john and elijah will search the larger field i'm sure when they get home, i didn't want to find anymore. the neighbors have been warned by animal control...he said they were not laughing when he left." [​IMG]

    The only option that I can think of is a combo of Electrice fence and a LGD. They have over 12 acre's and they should be allowed to free - range their own chickens. The only way they can get to their fields and the house is by their driveway and they are a long ways from the road. The neighbors are across the street. She's caught their daughter picking their flowers in their field and she says, "Oh my momma says I can pick flowers".She also sells the flowers! [​IMG] And their son has been caught flying his kite in their field and he said, "My mom says I can fly my kite wherever I want too". [​IMG]

    I can't believe how disrespectful kids are these days.
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    That really sucks. When you think of neighbors you think of fun friendly people you can count on, not peope you can count on to make your life miserable. We had problems with the neighbors dogs. It killed 4 of our silkie seramas, and about 8 more full grown chickens! i was so so so mad. We bought some gun shells called bird shot (also called snake shot). It doesn't kill, but just peppers them. Next time they came over my husband shot just above them to scare them. They haven't been back since.
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    Well the neighbor needs to put up no trespassing signs on her perimeter and have a gun loaded...shoot the dogs on sight once they cross her boundary. I would then advice the idiot neighbors that their children are trespassing and they need to keep them at home. And call the cops everytime one of the disrespectful little offsrping come onto her property. The idiot neighbor has set the groundrules of disconcerned and disrespect...return the favor by protecting your privacy and property.
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    We had trouble with this guy that was keeping his horses next door always waiting til we were gone and "borrowing" hay, feed and anything else he needed. We caught him in the act several times! We called the local sheriff and he said to post the perimeter of the land with NO TRESPASSING signs and if we caught him over there anymore he could be arrested for trespassing AND for theft.
    I'd do the same thing if I were you, and tell the kids that it's private property and no, they are not allowed to pick YOUR flowers or fly kites on your property! The only way they'll learn is to be taught correctly. If the parent's won't do it..then you'll have to [​IMG].

    As far as the dogs are concerned..if they won't keep them up then I'd definitely get the bird shot. If that doesn't work and they are killing your chickens you do what you have to do to stop it*if you get my drift*!

    Good fences make good neighbors!
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    I have a friend in the country who was having trouble with a neighbors dog. The neighbors were warned that the dog would be shot next time he was caught on their property. Dog came into their pasture again and my friend fired her gun but not at the dog. Neighbor came running screaming 'dont kill my dog!' and all freaked out
    my friend said, well I missed this time but I wont' next time
    Neighbor grabbed their dog and he has not been back. They finally took them seriously and fenced their dog in.
  6. Their driveway goes through the woods to get to their place. So they have to walk on the driveway 'cause the woods are too overgrown. Animal Control went over to talk to them the other day and he told AJ that the neighbors were not laughing after he explained a few things to them. [​IMG] Probably told 'em that their dog could be shot if they didn't keep it under control. [​IMG]
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    Our neighbors do not currently have a dog, but they have been through I don't know how many. Everytime they get a dog, it ends up over here (they are maybe 1/4 mile down the road), destroying our property, pooping on our deck, even in our garage eating our feed, whatever. This was pre-chickens, and everything they get either runs away or gets run over (surprise). Now that we have chickens, I am dreading them getting another one, but will not put up with it. Congrats on getting animal control to deal with your neighbors.

    I have also had the kid/neighbor problem where we used to live, where kids would come and jump on our trampoline when we weren't home! OMG - how dangerous is that? We put a stop to that with padlocks on our fences.

    deb g
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    Set up electric fence and knock his butt back into their own yard! Be sure you let the sherriff know the situation and make sure it's on the record.
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    Quote:I'm confused about the driveway and woods. Are you saying that the driveway beongs to your friend, and the woods to the neighbors who are causing problems? If the driveway is the only means for the neighbors to access their home, they may have an easement to use the driveway, and if they do not, your friend needs to make sure that they do not acquire a prescriptive easement by his neglecting to eliminate their use or specifically giving them (revokable)permission to use it.

    I do not know the age of the kids, but the proper thing to tell them is that while their parents have the right to set limits on where they can or cannot go, that does not mean that their parents have the right to give them permission to trespass on property owned by other people. Tell them that they are not allowed upon your land or to pick your flowers unless given a specific invitation.
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    also, be aware that these parents sound like the type that will sue the pants off your friend if one of the children were to get hurt.

    Call the police and report each time the children are over there. Make sure that the parents are talked to by the police - young children aren't able to legally be considered "trespassing" so it's a CYA arrangement.

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